Greek cuisine is made of
history, rythm & future!

Our expert instructors will guide you to discover all about Greek cuisine and  help you develop an expertized professional cooking profile. They will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become an expert in Greek cuisine and in general .

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dimitris dimitriadis

New era in Greek cuisine

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head to tail.

nikos gourzis & michalis saravas

Greek signature cakes.

dimitris dimitriadis

Bread with natural leaven.


Modern Greek menu.

Quality, you can trust

We work as an expertise "boutique online school" .

The material

First we study the material of each course and then we proceed to their production.
In our team, you will learn what Greek professionals are also learning

The production

First we study the material of each course and then we proceed to their production.
This means that with us you will not find mass production but a substantial one.

What to expect from us.

Our evolution

Throughout 2023-2024 we will only enrich our list of courses with Greek cooking.
Throughout 2024 we will enrich our list of courses with Greek hospitality and restauranting.

Practical and detailed approach

Our courses are designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Globally oriented

Way of thinking shared and knowledge earned allows our "students" to move on their career and offering their services around the globe.

Benefits of our method.

For your career

Whether you want to boost your career within expertise in Greek cuisine in the company you are working or grow at your own business by applying the latest Greek cuisine trends that you will learn from few of the most experienced and awarded Greek professionals. 
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We are an enduring online educational platform that helps professionals and aspiring individuals to have access to the real Greek cuisine from tradition to present and to the future.
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