Five contemporary 
Greek dishes/new era in Greek cuisine. 

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  • Instructor: Executive chef Dimitris Dimitriadis
  • Level:  Easy for beginers,
    inspirational for all levels
  • Available to study:
    for ever.
  •     34 videos,3 hours
        & 30 minutes
  • Q & A: yes.
Course overview
My course is ideal for learning 5 complete modern Greek recipes in all the details. The preparation of the dishes is in real time so you can organize your time accordingly. Through the preparation of the course recipes, you will learn a lot about the Greek culinary culture.
I use the simplest techniques and Ι teach you to recognize the real Greek taste.
An important part of the course is the management of products and raw materials and the organization of your kitchen.
The five dishes can stand right next to international dishes and a cuisine with a Mediterranean identity.
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Certification included

What does my course contain?

  • 5 complete recipes
  • Detailed preperation in real time
  • Service
  • 34 videos
  • PDF with all the recipes
 Certificate of completion

Specializing in Greek cuisine

I believe in Greek cuisine and I love it.
I hope to convey this love to you through my opinions, my knowledge and my professional experiences, in Greece and abroad.

Dimitris Dimitriadis
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scenes from the course
Meet the instructor

Dimitris Dimitriadis executive chef

My desire is to convey to you my opinion on the culinary evolution of Greek flavors through my online courses. The flavors with which I have grown up and with which we will continue to "live" based on tradition but upadated in techniques and flavors and inspiration.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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